Hey friend! 

It’s a joy to meet you! Thank you so much for stopping by. 

You’ve caught me right in the middle of learning how to live inside the grace of one day.

I’m growing in the awareness that, at my very core, I am deeply loved by God just as I am.

In fact, the same is true about you too, even if you don’t realize it or believe it yet. That’s ok.

Anyway, I write songs. Fairly good ones too, I think. I also sing them. They’re all about the love and grace that saved my life. 

I never learned to read music. You know, notes on a scale and such. I do remember “Every Good Boy Does Fine,” but that’s about as far as it goes for me. 

My ear is what got me where I am today musically! That and having a solid sense of rhythm. 

I started playing drums at the age of 8, guitar at 13, and I taught myself the basics of piano at 22 by listening to Bruce Hornsby and mimicking his style. 

I heard his song “The Way It Is” on the radio one day and knew that somehow, I had to make those sounds with a piano!

My amateur chops were hammered out on a Yamaha piano in the funeral home where my mom had her silk screen printing shop. 

The shop was on one side of the building, and the piano was on the other where all of the caskets were kept. Creepy, I know. But hey, it worked!

I started singing about this scandalous grace after one encounter with Jesus back in 2005.

His love was better than anything I had ever known or tasted. 

I’ve always compared it to this. 

Nobody has to tell a starving man to eat. He eats because he’s hungry. Desperately hungry. And I was. And I had tasted Life!

I told Jesus that I didn’t just want to know about Him or have some mediocre, religious routine. No. 

I asked Him to completely possess me!

That was my prayer. I wanted all of Him in all of me. 

Of course, I didn’t even know or understand the mechanics of theology at the time. But I didn’t need to.

I just knew that I loved Jesus and I loved His presence!

I’ll never forget driving down Main Street in my hometown of Emporium that Fall day. 

As I prayed that prayer in my old, Ford Taurus, the tangible presence of God filled me, AND the car!

Tears streamed down my face and forgiveness flooded my soul. It was incredible.

That’s when the dam broke and the flood waters of my destiny were unleashed.

Since then, I’ve experienced the spiritual high of leading 10,000 Ghanians in worship while singing in an African language that I’d never even heard before!

I’ve also experienced the horrendous low of hiding inside of my religious facade, blaming everybody else for my emotions, using my pain as a weapon, and nearly destroying every good thing in my life. 

What can I say

Most of us, at some point in our life, wear a religious uniform. I crapped mine out when the pressure was high. Just being honest.

It turns out that the hollow costume of a Christian perfectionist could never compare with the glory of me simply being me

And wouldn’t you know it? Turns out that Abba is especially fond of me! Even with my perverbial britches full of crap! 

(And no matter what mess you’ve gotten yourself into, Abba is especially fond of you too!)

So, you may know me as a worship leader, which I am at The River Christian Fellowship in Empire, OH! 

Or maybe as a telemarketer, which I was for some time and did quite well at raising funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

You may remember me as the punk rock guitarist in the bands Project Reconnect, Digger, or Hey Mike, which I was and thoroughly rocked several world tours up to and including, but not limited to, the opening slot for Yellowcard’s “Ocean Avenue” tour back in 2004! (High-fives himself.)

Or maybe, you know me from leading worship for John Crowder. That’d be me too. (Go to the store section right now and get my album!) 

But these things aren’t who I am. They’re simply fun things I get to do. Icing on the cake, if you will. 

My real life is found in the embrace of friends

My wife saved my life, and loved me into violent, unapologetic freedom. She saw me for who I was and loved me beyond my best attempts at pushing her away because I was afraid of love. 

Her name is Emily, and I’m so in love with her. And, she happens to be my best friend! 

And my little princess Charlotte Vivian has completely stolen my affections too! 

I never thought that a love so big in my heart could be so tightly compressed into such a tiny person! Alas! Being a Daddy has plain ol’ got me love-drunk!

And then there’s these three other Friends…

It’s their fellowship of other-centered love and celebration that actually saved my life and taught me how to begin sharing that first with myself, and then with others. 

Abba, Jesus, and Holy Spirit found me in my brokenness, delusion, and unbearable pain, and healed my heart through their unconditional embrace of loving-kindness. 

They’ve taught me the joy of humility and the secret of eternal happiness: childlike trust

It’s their circle of unending bliss and friendship that has inspired not only my album, but my entire life. 

So, in closing…

I love you friend, and I’m so excited for you to enjoy “Satisfied – Live at DreamHouse!”

But even more than that, may you be swept up into the great dance of love and find yourself eternally safe within the embrace of Abba, Jesus, and Holy Spirit!