For more than ten years now, I’ve wanted to have an album that captured my songs in a live, worship atmosphere. I knew that a studio album would never represent the passion and fun of a room packed full of wild worshippers! And this recording is just that. It successfully bottles up who I am and what I do! It’s a strong drink to say the least!

There are moments of drunken laughter, tearful passion, and even some off-key singing. I think there’s even a roar in there somewhere. This album embodies the sounds of an encounter with the manifest presence of God, not just nicely packaged songs.

“Satisfied- Live at DreamHouse” exists because of the love, friendship, and generosity of my friends Scott Crowder and John Crowder.
Scott, the mastermind behind the production of the album, both encouraged me to come and record and worked tirelessly for months mixing and mastering it, all out of the goodness of his heart!
Scott, I can’t thank you enough for pouring your heart, passion, and talent into this album. You have given me one of the greatest gifts of my life. This album would not exist if not for your love and friendship.
The reason we had such a wild assembly of worshippers jammed into DreamHouse Church in Newport News, VA was because John Crowder took his Blind Drunk Tour there!  And I had the privilege of singing on the tour! So John, thank you for believing in me and making this album a reality!
You’ve allowed me to be who I am, and to share my music with the world through your ministry! And more than that, I wrote the title track to the album after hearing you preach the scandalous truth of grace for seven days on a cruise ship in 2011.
After I returned home from that trip, lyrics expressing this incredible good news began to effortlessly flow from my heart! I honor you and thank you for living the gospel. I’m eternally grateful to you my dear brother!
And to the many friends that joined us at DreamHouse back on those wintry days in February of 2015, thank you for making this album the success that it truly is!
It’s your passion and excitement that was recorded as well.
It’s the sounds of your stomps, laughs, shouts, dancing, and cheering that have been bottled up on this record and sent forth to release those same sounds of Christ’s victory all over the world! You’re a part of this, and I thank each one of you with all of my heart.
As you listen to this album, know that it’s not just music, but an experience! The same glory and freedom that we enjoyed in God’s presence together can now be relived over and over again wherever you are!
These songs were birthed out of a desire to not only worship God in Spirit but in Truth. The Truth of the finished work of the cross of Christ! The Truth of who God is and what He has successfully accomplished in Jesus for all of creation! There is a massive gospel awakening going on in the world, and I wanted to write songs that accurately communicated in worship, the theology that is liberating people!
I’ve seen how songs can effectively communicate the gospel to a heart, where words alone often fail. Over the years, I’ve sung theses songs in places that I know aren’t on the same theological page as I am.
But as we lift our hands together and sing “You brought us in,” you can feel the corporate unity explode as people’s hearts respond to Truth being sung over them! It’s amazing!
So, thank you, the one reading this now, for taking the time to believe in me and listen to this album. Thank you for who you are and for sharing the good news of this album with your circle of influence! I can’t wait to meet face to face! Enjoy!

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