It’s been absolutely incredible to see friends across the globe celebrating the release of “Satisfied – Live at DreamHouse!

The hope that I had for this album was for it to simply bless my friends and family. 

I figured that if anything else happened beyond that, it would just be icing on the cake.

Well, all of you guys around the world have certainly been icing on the cake! 

I’d even go as far to say that you’re the butter-cream kind! LOL!

The album is certainly resonating with hearts across the globe! 

It’s not only an honor for me to have my songs so widely shared, but it’s a true testament to the power of the gospel. 

Our hearts are designed to respond to good news! And oh how our hearts beat with ecstasy when this good news is sung to us! 

I’ve been saying this for a while.

“It’s time for the Church to worship God in Spirit AND IN TRUTH!”

Meaning this.

I love the passion of our worship songs, even when some older songs may communicate a theology of lack and longing.

I can still value the presence of God that people experience within those songs, despite their message.

However, (turn to yo neighbor and say “HOWEVER!”) nothing compares to hearts declaring the good news of what the cross has accomplished within passionate worship and adoration!

And that’s what “Satisfied – Live at DreamHouse” is all about!

So, please take a minute and look at the pictures from people around the world that are enjoying the album!

Scott Crowder, pictured here in Newport News, Virginia, is the Pastor of DreamHouse, the very church the album was captured in!


He’s the reason the album exists! Discover more about Scott’s ministry, music, and his incredible audio engineering at:
Minister Tamar and her family in Limestone, Tennesee are showing off their copy of Satisfied!  

Iaian Thompson, who set up microphones and ran lyrics at the recording,  shows his Satisfied face in Virginia Beach! 

Dr. Tae Jung in East Liverpool, Ohio shows off his copy at work while visiting with his favorite patient, Charlotte Wright!    

Guy Billman in Johannesburg, South Africa is singing along with “River of Deliverance!”


Glenn Steinmo in Sebastian, Florida got his copy!

Sebouh Pamboukian and his beautiful family are singing along all the way over in Beirut, Lebanon! WOW! The good news is resounding in the Middle East! 

Click the link below to watch Sebouh’s kids dancing to “River of Deliverance!”

Let it flow in the family @timwright29 @nanor_88

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Justin Guion is blasting the album in New South Wales, Austrailia!


And there’s many more!

Would you please post a picture with your copy of the album? I’d be so honored!

Or simply share this post! It’s so cool to see how far the songs are reaching! 

And it’s even more amazing to connect personally with you as the album impacts your heart!

I don’t know what’s on the horizon for me, my music, and this album, but I know that it’s good!

And I also know beyond the shadow of a doubt that it is doing exactly what it was created to do: enlightening hearts to the goodness of God and the success of the cross!

Just last night, a dear Pastor of a Baptist Church in New Zealand messaged me and told me that listening to “Satisfied” and “Beautifully Included” has opened his heart to a greater awareness of our inclusion in Christ!

And today, a sweet family in Austrailia messaged me and told me that having the album on repeat has helped them through a recent family tradegy.

And there are more testimonies and stories coming in!

I want you guys to know how much I appreciate your love and support. 

I’m not backed by any organization, management company, or record label.

It’s just you. You are my distribution company. You are my label.

And truly, you are in the band.

We are one body, with one Lord, one song, and one Love in and through us all.

Please help us celebrate by sharing this with your circle of influence!

Love you all! Thank you!
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