So, honey

​Ever wonder why the deepest part of your heart longs to be known? 

To be celebrated within in a face-to-face community? 

And not only known, but perfectly understood? 

I will tell you why. 

This is where you got your start!

Our community of other-centered love and celebration! 

And guess what, honey?

You belong here.

You happen to be the focus of our affection. You are the subject of our discussion too!

​We love your skin color.

We stand in awe of your mind.

Your accent sounds just like ours, and your ideas inspire us!

Your voice is the sweetest sound we’ve ever heard.

We celebrate your uniqueness and love how you don’t seem to fit in. 

You always think outside the box, and it just tickles us silly!

And those witty replies of yours at certain moments, (you know, the ones that you wouldn’t say out loud because it offends certain relatives) make us laugh that “high-pitched-wheeze” kind of howl! 

Suffice to say, we think about you. 


​You’re better than that caramel-drizzle-espresso-latte you sipped the other day. You’re that delicious!

You’re safe here within our circle of love. 

And it’s ok that you’re a little uncomfortable with this kind of affection. 

We know.

With everything that you’ve been through, it’s no wonder that you have so much pain.

But together, we are going to show you how to live out of our love, instead of your fear.

There’s no need to have an answer for everything. We’re more than comfortable with all of your questions.

Just learn to be loved by us.

Right here, right now, in our embrace, before you try and fix the world’s problems.

So, just be. 

Just be you, here with me. 

Because that’s all I’ve ever wanted. 

You have always been more than enough for me!

Until our next chat…

I always love you,